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Introducing our versatile range of modular Units designed to meet your specific accommodation needs. Our sleeping-only Units provide comfortable sleeping quarters for up to 8 individuals per Unit, ensuring a restful night's sleep for your team. Our bathroom-only Units feature up to 4 stalls per Unit, offering convenience and privacy for personal hygiene needs. Additionally, our wash and dryer-only Units are perfect for laundry facilities, accommodating up to 6 users per Unit, ensuring efficient laundering for your entire group. Foldum offers seamless functionality and comfort with our customizable modular Units tailored to your requirements.


128 Person Camp on 1 acre

10,000 SF for Units

30,000 SF Parking

(16) Sleeping Units capable of sleeping up to 128 people

(4) Bathroom Units w/ 4 showers, toilets, and sinks per Unit

(3) Kitchen, food prep, and refrigeration Units

(1) Laundry Unit

Sample Setup 128 Man Camp.png

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